Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Facts About Cape Verde

Where is Cape Verde?? It is about 350 Miles off the West Coast of Africa. 

How many people live there? About half a million.

What is the total land Mass? 1,557 sq miles (about the size of Rhode Island)

What is the time difference between Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah and Cape Verde? Cape Verde is 5 hours ahead of SLC.

How far away is Cape Verde from SLC? Cape Verde is 5,449 miles away from SLC.

What do they speak there? Portuguese and Creole. 

What ethnicity are the people? Most people a mixture of African and European.  

What do they eat? Fish, Rice, Beans, Corn, seasonal food items like Mango's, Bananas. Really it is the basics.

How do you travel between islands? By boat or airplane. Airplane is more popular and faster. 

What is the weather like? Tropical so about 68-89 degrees Fahrenheit year round with humidity between 40%-80%. Each island has a different climate and humidity. It has a wet hot and dry hot season. The wet hot dry season is from August - October. The wind is always blowing and the sun is always shining.

How many islands? 10 but only 8 are inhabited.

What is the largest peak? Pico do Fogo. Which is also the largest active volcano in that region but has not erupted since 1995. It is 5,249 feet wide and 9,281 feet above sea level. 

Will you get hurricanes? It is really unlikely but it could happen. Some hurricanes that hit the east coast of the United States start down my the Cape Verde islands due to the warm waters around the islands. They are usually called Cape Verde type hurricanes. 

How big is the LDS Church there? About 10,000 members. Just the 1 mission with 31 congregations and 2 family history centers. There are 3 Stakes and 1 district. Currently there is no Temple. 

What is the dominate religion? Roman Catholics.

Here are some pictures of Cape Verde:

Map of Cape Verde
Typical Dish




Sandy Viana desert 

Serra Malagueta mountain range

Beaches & Boats good for tourism

Normal houses
*All Photos & Info came from Wiki or Google Search

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