Monday, October 26, 2015


This week we had another baptism!

She was a cute, little 15 year old girl. She was taught in the past by missionaries and SOOO prepared!!!! When we first met her she told us the story of Joseph Smith, the Plan of Salvation, and lots of other things regarding the gospel. We were blown away. Before we asked her, she told us she wanted to be baptized. We then got permission from her parents, since this is a huge change in life. Her parents were awesome! They told us if she knows it is true, great she can do what she wants but we don’t want to change. So she was pretty much in tears when we got permission. She is so sweet and cute!!! Then this past Saturday she got baptized!! Sunday she was the first one in church, ready to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Baptisms are such a sweet moment. It is a moment that chances lives.

Funny moment of the week, we were knocking on doors and would say we are looking for so and so. Then they normally say sorry they are not here. So then we ask about them and try to teach the gospel. Well, it was my turn and I asked a man on the street, who looked like he lived in this house, where Betinha lived. He then told me, oh it is the owner of this car, let me call her for you. My companion is trying not to laugh. I then have to tell him of it is not that Betinha it is another one. Betinha is not a very common name! HaHa Knocking on doors is always a crazy thing never know who is on the other side.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Burke

Monday, October 19, 2015


Sorry I do not have a ton of time this week. I emailed other people then wrote this, Oops.

As for my week, it was normal. LOTS OF WORK!!! We are focusing on finding families. This week we found about 5 families who seem interested. Plus a family we have been working with for a while now finally agreed to get married. So that is very exciting!!

I never knew how much I love my family until I came here. It is weird only seeing pictures every week of them and hearing how they are doing only on a weekly bases. But I know that I will spend eternity with them so all this time apart will only make eternity that much better. Just remember families are forever make those relationships last!!

Lots of love,

Sister Burke

Monday, October 12, 2015

Transfer 6!!

Half way mark transfer!! This transfer I hit 9 months!! WHAT!?!?!?! Where has time gone? I am staying in Assomada with Sister Cardoso.

This week, in October everyone starts going to corn mazes or haunted houses right? Well do not worry I am doing that here too!!! Sort of anyway, one part of our area has a ton of corn stalks and in order to get to our investigators we must walk through the corn. It is like a corn maze!!! Just to add to the fun I did not see the HUGE pill of cow poop on the ground and stepped in it... We then went to our investigators houses and they helped me clean my foot and shoe. Of course everyone was laughing.

 But not only that, before we get to that part of our area we have to walk through this dirt path, normally the edges are full of bushes with spiders. I would just walk in the middle. NOW the spiders are starting to be overhead. THIS IS MY HAUNTED HOUSE!!! UGH!!!! They are not little spiders and the webs are not small... UGH... I think Halloween has come early.

Cool story about safety for the week.

One of our zones is really dark (Achada Gomes). Normally we leave that zone at dusk so we are not walking in the dark and since it is about a 20 minute walk to all our other areas. Well, this day we left really late and it was already dark. I felt a little uneasy about it so I said a prayer for our safety, (learned later my companion had the same uneasy feeling as well). About 30 seconds after my prayer a taxi showed up, out of nowhere. We thought that was a miracle. We then talked to him and at the end he did not make us pay. Thought that was just a lucky night. Then a few days later when we went back to that zone late one night. One of our investigators was really worried about us because it was already dark by the time we started teaching her. She even tried to give us money to get a taxi but we told her we had money. She then told us that a few nights ago a lady was walking and got stabbed in the arm really badly. That turned out to be the same day, the same time, and almost the same place we were at. After that we realized how God is really looking out for us. We then took a taxi home after talking to her, counting our blessings! A huge miracle! I am still amazed!

But do not worry It is really safe here!!!!

Hope everyone has a good week!! Lots of love!!

Sister Burke

Monday, October 5, 2015

8 Months!!!!!!!!


8 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where has time gone? Not sure but only have 10 months left!!! Next month I hit half way!! I cannot believe how fast time has gone!!! I know for sure I have lost about 25 pounds. I weighed myself at the doctor. I still do not believe it. In the end that makes me super happy.

Miracle of the week. Tuesday we went to the doctor for my companion. She has an ear infection but is getting all better now. We were at the doctors from 4pm to about 9:30pm. Really long wait which is not normal. Anyway at 9, we need to be in our house. We still had not seen the doctor. So we called the President's Wife to ask her what we should do. We stayed and my companion saw the doctor. The only problem was all the Haice rides (like a bus) had stopped for the night. So we called the other Sisters to get a number for a taxi. We left the doctor and started walking toward home as we called the taxi driver. Then, out of nowhere, a Haice the only car insight stops and asks if we need a ride. It happened to be a young couple who needed food from Assomada, So they had taken the Haice. Which happened to be his Job. They gave us a ride and then at the end did not make us pay. It was a huge blessing! A Haice rides are not that much money but still saved us some money. Miracle!!!

Conference!! WOW!! I understood so much more than 6 months ago!! My favorite talks in Portuguese are Elder James Martino and Elder Dallin H Oaks. I am still excited to listen to all the talks in English.  I hope everyone watched conference, it will change lives.

Conference Dinner!

Sister Burke