Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Baptism

Whelp had another Baptism. Not the lady from last week however it was her cousin. The lady from last week we had to move her baptism date to a different day. But the Lord works in amazing ways. She will get baptized soon. As for the baptism I had. It was just another person the Lord had prepared. She was taught for about 2 months and finally said yes to a date. It was a beautiful day.

I went on divisions with Sister Miller this week.

I was in her area. We were walking in mud all day. It has not stopped raining for the past week. So much rain but truly this is a huge blessing for the people of Cabo Verde!! Last year they barely got rain. One day it was super sunny so me and my companion left to go teaching with no rain umbrellas. Well as we were walking home it started pouring. Everyone was telling us to come into their houses and wait for the rain to stop. Well we were really hungry and just wanted to go eat. So we said no thank you and continued home. When we got home we were soaking wet. It was really funny and for some reason my legs were covered in mud. Not even sure how that happened.

 I did not realize how much improvement I have made in learning Portuguese until I heard the Women’s session of conference. WOW!! In April I understood NOTHING!! This time I understand all the gospel related things. I still struggle following the stories but by next conference I hope to get it all! I am so excited for this weekend’s sessions of conference to continue to see my progress and to see how much I really understand. I hope everyone watches conference it is a blessing we get to hear our Prophet speak!!

Lots of love,

Sister Burke

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week of Miracles

Saturday Morning, we met with our baptism for this coming Saturday, (PS she is only 17, therefore we need parents' permission). We started talking and she told us that she had talked with her mom and her mom told her if she got baptized she would kick her out. Not  only that but her mom also told her that she would not sign the paper giving permission. Our investigator was very sad because she has been waiting for 7 years to be baptized and become a member of the Church. Her sister was baptized 7 years ago and felt something different in the church. She wanted to get baptized then but her mom said no. So she just was waiting until she turned 18. We had started teaching her a week ago and found this all out. We told her she will get baptized 26th of September. We told her to pray and fast that all would work out.

Sunday after church and after her interview we went to her house, both parents were home. We also brought a member with us to help explain things. As we sat down our investigator said her mom will NOT talk with us. She was almost in tears. Everyone looks to us and asks what do we do? My companion then looks at me. I have no idea. I decided to share a message with our investigator because I know the mom can hear every word we are saying. I then offer the opening pray. I prayed for the family. After the prayer I shared Mosiah 5:5. Which talks about the baptism covenant we make. We talk about the importance of baptism and why we get baptized. The investigator then shared her feelings of why she wants to be baptized. The member had to leave due to another appointment but on the way out she went to say good bye to the mom. She then runs back into the room saying give me the permission papers the mom will sign it. We all freeze and say what? So we all go in the room and the mom starts asking questions of why does her daughter want this and things like that. We respond to all her questions she then signs the paper and we thank her and tell her one day we can teach her more. She then said yes. Wow! Miracles!!

I know the Lord is in this work just waiting for the right moment in our lives. Because of our faith we see miracles. Because the Lord loves everyone of His children he will answer our prayers. I am so happy to be albe to be a part of this work. I am so excited for Saturday to finally see our investigator live her dream.

Love, Sister Burke

Monday, September 14, 2015


This week we had a baptism!!!

The week before I got to Assomada, the Sisters here were at the Branch Presidents house and his friend was there as well. So they started teaching the friend. Then I came and finished teaching him. He was really prepared!! I love miracles like this!!! It just shows how prepared the people are and how this is the Lords work not ours!

Funny story!! We went through our records and found an old investigator that we decided to start teaching. We went to her house and taught a quick lesson and made a return appointment. When we went back she answered the door in a towel. So clearly she is about to take a bath and cannot talk right? Nope she then shows us everything and then tells us she is about to take a bath and to come back later. We of course came back later. Not something that happens every day...

We had zone meeting this week, which focused on following up. A quote was given "If we do not follow up Satan will". As I thought about this this past week I realized we need to apply this every week! When we take the sacrament we need reflect on our lives and figure out what we need to do better each week otherwise Satan will enter our lives and ruin our lives, thought for the week.

Sister Burke

PS.  Wanted to write more but the keyboard is messed. When I first typed it looked like this “This zeek ze hqd q bqptis,!!!” Yep not happening this week, try for a better one next week.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Wow!! My new area is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! And really green!!!

The area being huge means there is a s a TON of walking. Which is not bad until you factor in that Assomada has a lot of hills and mountains. So I climb up hills and down hills all day!! Let's just say my muscles are sore and I will lose weight here. But over all Assomada is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Reminds me a lot of home and the mountains.

 I can also see the island of Fogo from my area and my house!!! That is pretty cool!!!

Another funny thing about Assomada is there are a ton of fly's. My first night teaching we walk into a house and they hand me a pillow and tell me to sit down. My first thoughts was I do need a pillow but okay. Also side note it was raining. Always cloudy or raining here. So I sit down and then all these flies start buzzing around me. Then everyone starts using the pillows to swat away the flies. Okay I get why we have the pillow now. There a ton of fly's here but I have gotten use to it.

7 Months in Cabo Verde!! Where has time gone? I have crazy feet tan lines and can speak Portuguese!! Wow!! A mission also has taught me patience's. People have their agency and all you can do is your part, then pray that everyone else will dose their part. I love being a missionary. I love Cabo Verde!!

Sister Burke

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Transfer 5!!!

Transfer 5!!!

WELP!! I have been transferred!!!

I am staying on the island of Santiago but going to Assomada Nhagar and my new companion is Sister Cardoso!!

Transfers.... Not sure if I like them... Getting transferred is like saying goodbye to your family all over again! It is heart breaking. Saying goodbye to people you have come to love and seen  grow closer to our Savior makes it hard to leave. I have made so many good friends in Achada Santo Antonio and seen many miracles. But the work must go on. I am excited to see and meet the new people. I am excited for this adventure in Assomada!! I have heard great things about it. My companion is from Cabo Verde the, she is from the island of Fogo. She has finished school and will finish her mission the same time as me. She has just been out a transfer longer then me since she already knows Portuguese.

As for right now... Well Hurricane Fred is hitting the islands and we are getting a TON of rain!!!!

Which is so good! Cabo Verde needs the rain but everything is flooded, even some of my new house. It is great!! Rain!!! And now I can say I have been through a hurricane!!

So funny story of the week. In my old house (in Praia) there was 2 lizards that decided to move in with us. I caught them both and took them outside. That was a fun surprise to come home too.

Much love,
Sister Burke