Monday, September 7, 2015


Wow!! My new area is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! And really green!!!

The area being huge means there is a s a TON of walking. Which is not bad until you factor in that Assomada has a lot of hills and mountains. So I climb up hills and down hills all day!! Let's just say my muscles are sore and I will lose weight here. But over all Assomada is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Reminds me a lot of home and the mountains.

 I can also see the island of Fogo from my area and my house!!! That is pretty cool!!!

Another funny thing about Assomada is there are a ton of fly's. My first night teaching we walk into a house and they hand me a pillow and tell me to sit down. My first thoughts was I do need a pillow but okay. Also side note it was raining. Always cloudy or raining here. So I sit down and then all these flies start buzzing around me. Then everyone starts using the pillows to swat away the flies. Okay I get why we have the pillow now. There a ton of fly's here but I have gotten use to it.

7 Months in Cabo Verde!! Where has time gone? I have crazy feet tan lines and can speak Portuguese!! Wow!! A mission also has taught me patience's. People have their agency and all you can do is your part, then pray that everyone else will dose their part. I love being a missionary. I love Cabo Verde!!

Sister Burke

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