Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

This week, Whelp my new area is named Monte.... Which means mountain, which means we climb up hills all day, and then climb down hills...

I love it but my muscles are super sore. For the first half of my mission I was in the Island of Santiago which has a very different creole then here. I know the creole from Santiago. So my first day teaching we were teaching about the Sabbath day. I asked her if she had been to church before. She then said something that sounded like Chinese. My companion was waiting for me to respond. I was hoping for just a yes or no answers but she told me this long story. I had no idea what she said. So I asked if she liked church. Once again a yes or no answers but nope a story. I then looked at my companion and smiled really big. She then answered for me. I have no idea what she said. After I laughed so hard, you would think almost 10 months on the mission I would have the language by now....NOPE!! Ha-ha creole that really messes me up. But by the end of the week I was able to understand a little bit better what they are saying. Most the time I just laugh because I have no idea.

 I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! I was the only American in my house so I made cinnamon rolls, potatoes and gravy and stake. Then to drink we had Coke. Oh it was a fun thanksgiving. I made the table all pretty. My companion ate a ton of food after we were all in food comas. Perfect thanksgiving on a mission!! But next year cannot wait to eat turkey!

Also, on a funny note.... It is pretty much December and I have allergies... Who gets allergies in December?! What is this!? Ha-ha


Sister Burke

Monday, November 23, 2015

Transfer 7.... Did not see this coming!!!!

I have been transferred to the island of Sao Vicente. My new area is called Monte Sossego.

My new companion is Sister Zhuwaki from Zimbabwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did not see this coming!!

Only had 2 transfers in Assomada, I really thought I was staying and my companion was leaving but nope!! The Lord has different plans for me. I am really excited to get to know a new island but this also means I have to learn a new creole! Oh no!!! But I can do it!! In order to get to my new area I had to take a 40 minute Hiace ride (like a bus) and a 40 minute PLANE ride!! How cool is that, transfer by plane!!!! So far, from what I seen of Sao Viciente is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!

This last week in Assomada it was perfect!!! We had a wedding and a baptism!!! I love this family!!! I remember the first day we taught the wife. She was really against everything but was willing to listen to us and the message we were sharing. Her husband is a less active member but wanted the family to go to church. We started working with her and trying to get her to just read the book of Mormon. That is when everything changed. She has been coming to church ever since. She finally agreed to get married and baptized. Her wedding was a special day, she was so happy. She really made us feel like a huge part of this special day of hers. When in reality all we did was ask her to come unto Christ. I love this family. Every one of them is active and I am praying next year they go to the temple. I saw her change right before my eyes, one of the coolest things to witness is the change people make as they come closer to Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have a safe and fun week!!


Sister Burke

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

African life...

Okay, for the past few weeks I have been meaning to say this but have forgotten every time. Last week I even sent a photo of corn to help remind me but it did not work. Right now is corn season. EVERY house we walk into gives us corn to eat. I have NEVER eaten so much corn in my life.

Last week I forgot to mention but the sisters’ of the Assomada Zone went to the Big Tree. This is not just any tree this tree is HUGE!!!!! It is really pretty. So I hope that explains a little better of the random tree photos. This tree is super cool!! Also felt really nice to be in jeans for a little bit.

This week we had a special conference. The Praia Zone and the Assomada Zone got together for a special zone conference. I saw almost all of the sisters I was with in the MTC. It is crazy to see how much we have all grown. Elder Dyches, of the 70 visited Cabo Verde. His wife and he gave a beautiful, uplifting, and very motivational conference. I learned a lot about the work and things I should be doing better. But not only that, President Mathews (our mission president) gave a training that really helped me see more in depth the message I am sharing with the Cabo Verdeans.

African life... Washer broke had to wash my clothes by hand. Hopefully, this week we will get a new washer. How to tell if clothes are clean... Do they look clean? Do they smell good? Are you tired of washing them? Ha-ha that was my logic. Now I have clean clothes for another week.

This week we were walking to one of our areas our Branch president happened to be walking too. We stopped and talked a little. I expressed how I hate this path because there are a TON of HUGE spiders. He then gave this logic. I could not stop laughing.... "If animals had a religion Humans
would be the devil."

With that I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Sister Burke

Monday, November 9, 2015

WOW 9 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW 9 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really where has time gone?!?! I cannot believe I have been in Cabo Verde for 9 months!!! I cannot believe I know a different language and understand 2 different languages!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have learned so much about my Savior and how the spirit speaks to me. I have a new love for this gospel and the scriptures. I still have a lot to learn but what I have learned here is so amazing. I love Cabo Verde. I love the people here. I am truly blessed to work with such amazing people. I love my mission. I am, loving my experiences here in Cabo Verde!!!

With only 9 months left I want to give a challenge to EVERYONE!!! In the next 9 months I want everyone to read the Book of Mormon from Cover to cover. At the end of ready it, I want everyone to write their testimonies on a piece of paper. Then at my home coming in August give it to me (or email it to me). I hope everyone will do this challenge.

Thank you for all your love and support!!!

Lots of love,
Sister Burke

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 40!!


This is my half way week! really where has time gone???? Happy 9 months!!! What!?!!?

First off Halloween was another day. There were not screaming kids on the street asking for candy. People were not dressed up in weird clothing. It was just another day. There was parties at night for teenagers and young adults but I went to bed.

Then, just 2 amazing things that happened this week. We have been teaching a family for a while, but this week we asked them to be baptized on a specific day. The brother asked us why we knocked on their door. That question is a dream question. That is when you know the investigators are really starting to feel the spirit and the spirit is preparing them to receive the gospel. We then told him the spirit lead us to his house, which is true. Long story for another day, his question amazed me. Why us? Wow, what a great question!!

Second, we were teaching the plan of salvation to this investigator. The investigator looked at us and said so 'what you are tell me,  if I do not go to church I cannot enter the Celestial kingdom?' We then said pretty much, yes. She then started expressing how she had never been to church. She has fears of church. We had a member with us. The member then bore her testimony of how church has changed her life. It was a great lesson. Then on Sunday she came to church!!! Wow!! The power of the spirit is amazing! I love this work! I love that I can really understand what is being said so I can understand these amazing experiences!! I love this work and I love being able to help so many people realize true happiness and joy in this life comes from Christ.

Sister Burke