Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

This week, Whelp my new area is named Monte.... Which means mountain, which means we climb up hills all day, and then climb down hills...

I love it but my muscles are super sore. For the first half of my mission I was in the Island of Santiago which has a very different creole then here. I know the creole from Santiago. So my first day teaching we were teaching about the Sabbath day. I asked her if she had been to church before. She then said something that sounded like Chinese. My companion was waiting for me to respond. I was hoping for just a yes or no answers but she told me this long story. I had no idea what she said. So I asked if she liked church. Once again a yes or no answers but nope a story. I then looked at my companion and smiled really big. She then answered for me. I have no idea what she said. After I laughed so hard, you would think almost 10 months on the mission I would have the language by now....NOPE!! Ha-ha creole that really messes me up. But by the end of the week I was able to understand a little bit better what they are saying. Most the time I just laugh because I have no idea.

 I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! I was the only American in my house so I made cinnamon rolls, potatoes and gravy and stake. Then to drink we had Coke. Oh it was a fun thanksgiving. I made the table all pretty. My companion ate a ton of food after we were all in food comas. Perfect thanksgiving on a mission!! But next year cannot wait to eat turkey!

Also, on a funny note.... It is pretty much December and I have allergies... Who gets allergies in December?! What is this!? Ha-ha


Sister Burke

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