Monday, December 7, 2015


Christmas time!!! Watch this video!!!!


After watching the video share it with the WORLD!!!

My week... 10 MONTHS on a mission!!!!!!!!!! What!?!? Only 8 left!!!! I am now in double digits!!! Wow!! Time goes by so fast!!!!

We also had zone meeting this week...

I got all dressed up because another sister had a hair straightener... Wow, felt so nice to have straight hair!! Only problem we have not had water in our house for about 10 days. We keep going to the other sister’s house filling up water bottles to make our life a little easier. So bucket showers are no fun. For that day it was nice feeling all dressed up. It was also very interesting seeing a different zone. There are a ton of new missionaries that barley understands Portuguese. That is the moment you know you have been here a long time.

This past week my mom asked a ton of questions I bet a ton of people have so here are my answers..

Does it feel more like a touristy area than the last one?

Oh yes!! In my area not really but on P-Day when we go to the City to buy food TONS of tourists and the stores are way more money!!

Do the people seem to have better homes to live in?

Homes are the same as the other island. Have parts really nice and parts not so nice.

Is it hot like the first time you were close to the coast?

Right now it is winter so the weather is perfect!!!

How do the shopping markets differ?

Way more money and way more souvenirs like a touristy place, Other than that exactly the same.

Hope those answers some questions people have.

I hope everyone has a good Christmas Season!!


Sister Burke

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