Monday, December 14, 2015

Feliz Natal!!!

Christmas, here no one has Christmas lights yet. Only like one house on every block.

But what they do here is paint. Everyone has a fresh coat of paint on their houses; even the sidewalks and even the trees get painted. Everything here is about being new. Fresh coat of paint is new.

This week we had another baptism. Remember the story I told you about the first lesson I had in Sao Vicente and about not understanding the creole? Well that story, that person, was this baptism. I have no idea how I taught her but hey the spirit really does the teaching! This is truly the Lords work. I am learning and understanding the Creole in this area a lot faster than the other one.  I think it is because I understand Portuguese a lot better now too.

Short on time this week but I love you all!! Have a safe and fun week! ONE WEEK TELL CHRISTMAS!!!


Sister Burke

PS: 19 days with now water and counting, ugh!!

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