Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!!!! Goodbye 2015.... Hello 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off... Transfers one week early!!
Sister Zhuwaki (my comp) was transferred to Praia.

Sister Gimo is my new comp BUT she is going home next week. So next week I will get another new comp. Right now I do not know who. Sister Gimo is from Mozambique!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is my 3rd companion from Africa! I love AFRICA!!!!

Second... Christmas! Christmas Eve we opened all our presents, which were really just the package my mom sent, and a few other things but nothing huge and crazy. Then at night we went to the top of our house and had a small dance party. Then Christmas all the sisters in Mindelo came to our house for lunch. We ate chicken, potatoes, salad, brownies, and Coke! It was great!

After I Skyping with my family!! Cannot believe it! Only have one more skype until I come home! Wow!! Time goes by so fast!!

Christmas was fun! It was great seeing how a different culture celebrates. Here people have parties in the street. Starting on Christmas Eve at midnight and lasting for 4 days, every night at midnight until about 4 on the morning.  Christmas Eve it seems like everyone buys the presents and food for Christmas Day. Then Christmas during the day people are with their families or sleeping. It was my first Christmas without any snow. It did not have the Christmas fee. But it was nice not freezing.

Third... Today my district went to Mount Verde, the highest point in Sao Vicente. At the very top was windy. It reminded me of a snowy day in Utah. SO COLD!! The car ride up was so pretty! We could see all of Mindelo. Also saw some of the other small towns on the island. I forget how small these islands are until we can see almost all of the island.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a good new year!!


Sister Burke

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