Monday, November 9, 2015

WOW 9 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW 9 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really where has time gone?!?! I cannot believe I have been in Cabo Verde for 9 months!!! I cannot believe I know a different language and understand 2 different languages!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have learned so much about my Savior and how the spirit speaks to me. I have a new love for this gospel and the scriptures. I still have a lot to learn but what I have learned here is so amazing. I love Cabo Verde. I love the people here. I am truly blessed to work with such amazing people. I love my mission. I am, loving my experiences here in Cabo Verde!!!

With only 9 months left I want to give a challenge to EVERYONE!!! In the next 9 months I want everyone to read the Book of Mormon from Cover to cover. At the end of ready it, I want everyone to write their testimonies on a piece of paper. Then at my home coming in August give it to me (or email it to me). I hope everyone will do this challenge.

Thank you for all your love and support!!!

Lots of love,
Sister Burke

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