Tuesday, November 17, 2015

African life...

Okay, for the past few weeks I have been meaning to say this but have forgotten every time. Last week I even sent a photo of corn to help remind me but it did not work. Right now is corn season. EVERY house we walk into gives us corn to eat. I have NEVER eaten so much corn in my life.

Last week I forgot to mention but the sisters’ of the Assomada Zone went to the Big Tree. This is not just any tree this tree is HUGE!!!!! It is really pretty. So I hope that explains a little better of the random tree photos. This tree is super cool!! Also felt really nice to be in jeans for a little bit.

This week we had a special conference. The Praia Zone and the Assomada Zone got together for a special zone conference. I saw almost all of the sisters I was with in the MTC. It is crazy to see how much we have all grown. Elder Dyches, of the 70 visited Cabo Verde. His wife and he gave a beautiful, uplifting, and very motivational conference. I learned a lot about the work and things I should be doing better. But not only that, President Mathews (our mission president) gave a training that really helped me see more in depth the message I am sharing with the Cabo Verdeans.

African life... Washer broke had to wash my clothes by hand. Hopefully, this week we will get a new washer. How to tell if clothes are clean... Do they look clean? Do they smell good? Are you tired of washing them? Ha-ha that was my logic. Now I have clean clothes for another week.

This week we were walking to one of our areas our Branch president happened to be walking too. We stopped and talked a little. I expressed how I hate this path because there are a TON of HUGE spiders. He then gave this logic. I could not stop laughing.... "If animals had a religion Humans
would be the devil."

With that I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Sister Burke

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