Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Baptism

Whelp had another Baptism. Not the lady from last week however it was her cousin. The lady from last week we had to move her baptism date to a different day. But the Lord works in amazing ways. She will get baptized soon. As for the baptism I had. It was just another person the Lord had prepared. She was taught for about 2 months and finally said yes to a date. It was a beautiful day.

I went on divisions with Sister Miller this week.

I was in her area. We were walking in mud all day. It has not stopped raining for the past week. So much rain but truly this is a huge blessing for the people of Cabo Verde!! Last year they barely got rain. One day it was super sunny so me and my companion left to go teaching with no rain umbrellas. Well as we were walking home it started pouring. Everyone was telling us to come into their houses and wait for the rain to stop. Well we were really hungry and just wanted to go eat. So we said no thank you and continued home. When we got home we were soaking wet. It was really funny and for some reason my legs were covered in mud. Not even sure how that happened.

 I did not realize how much improvement I have made in learning Portuguese until I heard the Women’s session of conference. WOW!! In April I understood NOTHING!! This time I understand all the gospel related things. I still struggle following the stories but by next conference I hope to get it all! I am so excited for this weekend’s sessions of conference to continue to see my progress and to see how much I really understand. I hope everyone watches conference it is a blessing we get to hear our Prophet speak!!

Lots of love,

Sister Burke

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