Monday, October 5, 2015

8 Months!!!!!!!!


8 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where has time gone? Not sure but only have 10 months left!!! Next month I hit half way!! I cannot believe how fast time has gone!!! I know for sure I have lost about 25 pounds. I weighed myself at the doctor. I still do not believe it. In the end that makes me super happy.

Miracle of the week. Tuesday we went to the doctor for my companion. She has an ear infection but is getting all better now. We were at the doctors from 4pm to about 9:30pm. Really long wait which is not normal. Anyway at 9, we need to be in our house. We still had not seen the doctor. So we called the President's Wife to ask her what we should do. We stayed and my companion saw the doctor. The only problem was all the Haice rides (like a bus) had stopped for the night. So we called the other Sisters to get a number for a taxi. We left the doctor and started walking toward home as we called the taxi driver. Then, out of nowhere, a Haice the only car insight stops and asks if we need a ride. It happened to be a young couple who needed food from Assomada, So they had taken the Haice. Which happened to be his Job. They gave us a ride and then at the end did not make us pay. It was a huge blessing! A Haice rides are not that much money but still saved us some money. Miracle!!!

Conference!! WOW!! I understood so much more than 6 months ago!! My favorite talks in Portuguese are Elder James Martino and Elder Dallin H Oaks. I am still excited to listen to all the talks in English.  I hope everyone watched conference, it will change lives.

Conference Dinner!

Sister Burke

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