Monday, October 12, 2015

Transfer 6!!

Half way mark transfer!! This transfer I hit 9 months!! WHAT!?!?!?! Where has time gone? I am staying in Assomada with Sister Cardoso.

This week, in October everyone starts going to corn mazes or haunted houses right? Well do not worry I am doing that here too!!! Sort of anyway, one part of our area has a ton of corn stalks and in order to get to our investigators we must walk through the corn. It is like a corn maze!!! Just to add to the fun I did not see the HUGE pill of cow poop on the ground and stepped in it... We then went to our investigators houses and they helped me clean my foot and shoe. Of course everyone was laughing.

 But not only that, before we get to that part of our area we have to walk through this dirt path, normally the edges are full of bushes with spiders. I would just walk in the middle. NOW the spiders are starting to be overhead. THIS IS MY HAUNTED HOUSE!!! UGH!!!! They are not little spiders and the webs are not small... UGH... I think Halloween has come early.

Cool story about safety for the week.

One of our zones is really dark (Achada Gomes). Normally we leave that zone at dusk so we are not walking in the dark and since it is about a 20 minute walk to all our other areas. Well, this day we left really late and it was already dark. I felt a little uneasy about it so I said a prayer for our safety, (learned later my companion had the same uneasy feeling as well). About 30 seconds after my prayer a taxi showed up, out of nowhere. We thought that was a miracle. We then talked to him and at the end he did not make us pay. Thought that was just a lucky night. Then a few days later when we went back to that zone late one night. One of our investigators was really worried about us because it was already dark by the time we started teaching her. She even tried to give us money to get a taxi but we told her we had money. She then told us that a few nights ago a lady was walking and got stabbed in the arm really badly. That turned out to be the same day, the same time, and almost the same place we were at. After that we realized how God is really looking out for us. We then took a taxi home after talking to her, counting our blessings! A huge miracle! I am still amazed!

But do not worry It is really safe here!!!!

Hope everyone has a good week!! Lots of love!!

Sister Burke

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