Monday, September 14, 2015


This week we had a baptism!!!

The week before I got to Assomada, the Sisters here were at the Branch Presidents house and his friend was there as well. So they started teaching the friend. Then I came and finished teaching him. He was really prepared!! I love miracles like this!!! It just shows how prepared the people are and how this is the Lords work not ours!

Funny story!! We went through our records and found an old investigator that we decided to start teaching. We went to her house and taught a quick lesson and made a return appointment. When we went back she answered the door in a towel. So clearly she is about to take a bath and cannot talk right? Nope she then shows us everything and then tells us she is about to take a bath and to come back later. We of course came back later. Not something that happens every day...

We had zone meeting this week, which focused on following up. A quote was given "If we do not follow up Satan will". As I thought about this this past week I realized we need to apply this every week! When we take the sacrament we need reflect on our lives and figure out what we need to do better each week otherwise Satan will enter our lives and ruin our lives, thought for the week.

Sister Burke

PS.  Wanted to write more but the keyboard is messed. When I first typed it looked like this “This zeek ze hqd q bqptis,!!!” Yep not happening this week, try for a better one next week.

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