Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Transfer 5!!!

Transfer 5!!!

WELP!! I have been transferred!!!

I am staying on the island of Santiago but going to Assomada Nhagar and my new companion is Sister Cardoso!!

Transfers.... Not sure if I like them... Getting transferred is like saying goodbye to your family all over again! It is heart breaking. Saying goodbye to people you have come to love and seen  grow closer to our Savior makes it hard to leave. I have made so many good friends in Achada Santo Antonio and seen many miracles. But the work must go on. I am excited to see and meet the new people. I am excited for this adventure in Assomada!! I have heard great things about it. My companion is from Cabo Verde the, she is from the island of Fogo. She has finished school and will finish her mission the same time as me. She has just been out a transfer longer then me since she already knows Portuguese.

As for right now... Well Hurricane Fred is hitting the islands and we are getting a TON of rain!!!!

Which is so good! Cabo Verde needs the rain but everything is flooded, even some of my new house. It is great!! Rain!!! And now I can say I have been through a hurricane!!

So funny story of the week. In my old house (in Praia) there was 2 lizards that decided to move in with us. I caught them both and took them outside. That was a fun surprise to come home too.

Much love,
Sister Burke

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