Monday, August 24, 2015


Well... Finally we get some big rain storms. Half of our area is now a river of trash. I feel like I am in a video game trying to figure out how to cross the street without stepping in the mud or water or trash. So much fun!!

Every person asks why we are not home we just laugh and tell them we have to work. But the downsides of the rain are the power outages, sickness, and flooding. I hope we continue to get rain because Cape Verde really needs the rain.

Interesting story for the week… We were having a bad day, every lesson was falling through and we stopped to think of where we needed to go. A less active then called us over. Which was rare, she is usually never home or super busy, so we go over. As we get to where she is, she leans over the side of the roof and points to her friend who is lying on the floor of the roof of her house. The less active then tells us she is a member of the church and dying of neck cancer. She is only 27 years old. We then go over there and talk to her. She is sick. She has a little girl. This is what makes the work hard. We sing hymns and share a scripture. The next day we had the bishop come with us to give her a blessing. That was one of the first times I have felt the priesthood power. I do not know what is going to happen because today she went to the hospital to get more treatments but a ton of peace washed over me.

On a funny note… In America you go to the store and pick what kind of cow meat you want. Well here you go to the counter and ask for cow meat and they give you whatever they have. It was this very chewy piece of meat. Not sure I will eat that again. Not even sure where on the cow it came from. Ha Ha

Much love,

Sister Burke

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