Monday, August 3, 2015


Guess what!?!?!

It rained!!!

Not a ton, like for 30 minutes, just a sprinkle but no one wanted us to teach them because of the rain. Everyone was freaking out that we were outside working. We just laughed it was nothing. People where using the window wipers. They had NOTHING on their windshield.

Everyone says August is the month for rain. I am just waiting for the major down pour!! I love rain storms!! But Cabo Verde doesn’t get much rain. Everyday about 3 pm there are dark clouds over our head and we think it is going to rain. Back home in Utah it would rain with those clouds but for about 10 minutes, then later the sun is out. Also the other day the clouds where so low, I looked to my comp and said it might snow (PS it was cold I had to wear a sweater). We then looked at each other and laughed so hard because that was not cold the clouds where just low. But it had that it is going to snow feeling.

Then we had this lesson, in this house where... There where 2 dogs and 3 pigs, dirt floors, which has all the animals pee on it. Let’s just say it was a miracle I didn’t puke. Worst smell ever. This was rare people usually have the animals outside but the lady is the most humble lady I have ever met and am really excited to continue to teach her.

Then one of the families in our ward had this 6 year old daughter. She thinks I am a vampire because of my fangs. It is so funny. Her mom invited us to her birthday party but she yelled and pointed to me she can’t come she will bite me!!! HaHa We all laughed so hard. Then as we were leaving she hissed at me. She is so cute!!

Tomorrow, I hit 6 months on the mission!! 1/3 of the way through, I never thought that would happen!! My Portuguese has improved a ton! I can understand what people are saying and I can teach lessons. I still struggle but I can survive. I only have a year left. Missions go by so fast!! But I still have a year full of adventures. The past 6 months I have learned a lot and so excited to see what else I can and might learn. Happy 6 months!!!

PS. I found a penny, (1 escudo), on the street taht never happens!!!! Lucky escudo!!!

Until next week!!

Sister Burke

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