Monday, September 21, 2015

Week of Miracles

Saturday Morning, we met with our baptism for this coming Saturday, (PS she is only 17, therefore we need parents' permission). We started talking and she told us that she had talked with her mom and her mom told her if she got baptized she would kick her out. Not  only that but her mom also told her that she would not sign the paper giving permission. Our investigator was very sad because she has been waiting for 7 years to be baptized and become a member of the Church. Her sister was baptized 7 years ago and felt something different in the church. She wanted to get baptized then but her mom said no. So she just was waiting until she turned 18. We had started teaching her a week ago and found this all out. We told her she will get baptized 26th of September. We told her to pray and fast that all would work out.

Sunday after church and after her interview we went to her house, both parents were home. We also brought a member with us to help explain things. As we sat down our investigator said her mom will NOT talk with us. She was almost in tears. Everyone looks to us and asks what do we do? My companion then looks at me. I have no idea. I decided to share a message with our investigator because I know the mom can hear every word we are saying. I then offer the opening pray. I prayed for the family. After the prayer I shared Mosiah 5:5. Which talks about the baptism covenant we make. We talk about the importance of baptism and why we get baptized. The investigator then shared her feelings of why she wants to be baptized. The member had to leave due to another appointment but on the way out she went to say good bye to the mom. She then runs back into the room saying give me the permission papers the mom will sign it. We all freeze and say what? So we all go in the room and the mom starts asking questions of why does her daughter want this and things like that. We respond to all her questions she then signs the paper and we thank her and tell her one day we can teach her more. She then said yes. Wow! Miracles!!

I know the Lord is in this work just waiting for the right moment in our lives. Because of our faith we see miracles. Because the Lord loves everyone of His children he will answer our prayers. I am so happy to be albe to be a part of this work. I am so excited for Saturday to finally see our investigator live her dream.

Love, Sister Burke

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