Monday, March 21, 2016

Oh, Cabo Verde!!

I love Cabo Verde!

This week I met lots of interesting people!! We asked a member for a reference and he gave us one name. We marked a day with him but did not have time. Then one day this week we remembered him and decided to go look for his house. We found his house BUT there was no door... We walked into the store by his house and he happened to be there. We marked for the next day. The Next day when we went to his house and we just yelled his name. He walked out of a wall. NOT a door. We then entered, the second we sat down his started speaking saying, "To speak the truth, I do not like going to church because I have to brush my teeth, take a bath and get dressed but I love visits." He then went on speaking about how he hates brushing his teeth and getting dressed. We were just like can we start with a prayer? After the prayer we started teaching him about Joseph Smith but every other word we spoke he would say "to speak the truth..." then go on speaking about something way from left field; so hard not to laugh. At the end when we asked him to come to church. He told us that he would have to take a bath tonight and sleep in his clothes so in the morning he would only have to brush his teeth. Church starts at 11... Did not make a lot of sense, he was so funny. Then he came to church. Teeth were white and clean. Ha-ha! After sacrament he went to the bathroom and never came back. Later that night he called us telling us he’d left church early because he was alone. He had us and all the other people. I have never met a person like him. But I can tell you he is awesome!!

Hopefully he will get baptized. It was a great week.


Sister Burke

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