Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1 Month Left!!

Hey everyone!!

I am sorry about last weeks lame letter. You don't realize how fast time goes until you have tons of emails to reply too and only 1 hour to tell about an exciting week. All my days run together so sorry if i repeat!! 

While the MTC food takes a toll on all peoples digestive systems it has taken a toll on my feet. They are swollen. I went to the doctor and found that NOTHING is wrong with me. He suggested a few things to try to make the swelling less and they have worked. But my feet still aren't normal. Then yesterday I had a huge spiritual realization. 

Jesus Christ suffered for me. He carried his own cross and his body was beaten and He couldn't handle it. I am now carrying my own cross. The struggle is real. I will not suffer like Christ but I will suffer my own challenges. My feet will be swollen my entire mission as one of my challenges. Learning Portuguese will me another challenge for me. I will endure this and I will be able to survive. Faith in Jesus Christ is what keeps me going.

Missions are hard!!! But SOOO worth it!! I have only been out two weeks and have had the most faith building experiences! I can't wait to see what the next 18 months bring!! Teaching lessons in a foreign language is not easy and a real struggles but I am here to grow not coast through.

"Little growth happens in the comfort zone and little comfort happens in the growth zone!" I am a servant for Jesus Christ and He will help me!!

Last Thursday I had the most amazing experience. My comp and I were teaching out 4th lesson to our investigator. Until that lesson we had always had a script and just read from that. That day we decided to take in just our Book of Mormon and 1 note card!! THE SPIRIT Taught that lesson not us!! Words came to our minds and it was amazing!! It might not have made sense but the spirit was there!! Plus it was one of our longest lessons 15 mins!!! ALL IN PORTUGUESE!! WHAT?!? That was a powerful testimony builder!!

So all those entering the MTC first MAKE IT TO SUNDAY!! No joke!! Those first few days are the hardest! Second when teaching lessons DO NOT use notes!!! Let the spirit guide. 

Other things that have happened this week... Our 2 roommates left for their missions and we get 2 newbies Wednesday. A elder from our district saw snow fall for the first time yesterday and was like a little kid so happy about it.  I am now teaching 2 investigators! It is freezing in Provo and when people ask me where I am from I say here and they look at me like really? Why you wearing summer clothes? Oh because I am going to AFRICA!! haha Love it!! People think I am a dork! It is winter and I am in summer clothes! haha

Love you all!!

Sister Burke!!

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