Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 1!!!!


I made it!!! My first week sooooo crazy!! When people say make it too sunday they are not lieing!! The first 3 days are sooo hard!!! But sundays make up for it!! Sundays are the best!!! Such a Spiritual High!!!! Love it!! 5 weeks left!!! AH!!!! 

Now I bet you want all the details about life here... Well Wednesday walked in and it was go here go there ah!!!! Got my companion Sister Capner!! She makes me laugh a TON!!! My abs kill!!!!!!! We get along great!!! Then we meet a substitute teacher who only spoke in portuguese!! AH!!!!! SO hard!!

My district is made up of 10 missionaries. 6 elders and 4 sisters. All the Elders are going to Portugal and 3 sisters (including me) are going to Cabo Verde with the other sister going to Boston. I am terrible at it!!! I gave my first lesson and FAILED!!! Gave my second lesson and FAILED!!! haha 3 & 4 lesson went better tomorrow I have my 5th and we hope to use no notes so wish me good luck. Our investigator is named Tiago!! All they Elders in my district are in love with him and it is creepy!! Tiago in portuguese means James in english so James 1:5 is Tiago 1:5 in portuguese!! I say my prayers only in portuguese that is crazy!!! 

SO funny thing that have happened... I have walked into a door and now have a crazy purple bruise on my hip... I laughed really  hard!! That was something my sister does!!! not me!!! haha

Sundays are the BEST!!! Sunday Devos!! LOVE THEM!!! Such a spiritual high!!! Just what you need after a week of Failure and struggles!! Learning a language is not easy but with the lords help I know I will eventually get it!!! 

I will try to write more next week!! I totally understand now how missionaries have no time!! 

Eu sei que Deus e nosso Pai Celestial. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo e meu Salvador. 


Sister Burke!!! 

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