Monday, March 23, 2015



This time next week I will be on a plane!!!!!!!!! I leave March 17 and arrive in Cabo Verde March 18!!!!!!!!!!! Super long plan ride!!!!!!!!!! I am really excited!!!!!!! Can't tell huh? Can you believe it has been 6 weeks!?! I can't!!!

This past week I was able to be a traffic host!! That was super fun!! We all dressed up as minions so we wouldn't get ran over!!! (See pic for more details)

Then who's bright idea was it to have daylight savings?!?! Seriously!!!! As a missionary you barely get any sleep oh but hey let us also lose and hour!!! let me just tell you that was a really LONG Sunday!!!!!!!!! Good thing I have like 10 plus hours on a plane to sleep!!

I was teaching a lesson Saturday to our 'Investigator' (aka our teacher) and in the lesson I said, "Voce quer estar mais preto que Deus" (do you want to be blacker then God?) What I meant to say was, "Voce quer estar mais perto que Deus" ( Do you want to be closer to God?) My teacher thought it was so funny he told then entire class but didn't name names. I was like yup that was me!!! No worries my "investigator" said yes he does want to get closer to God.

This morning I went to my last temple session for 17 months. What a sad thought!! So why not share a Temple selfie of my companion and me? We both will miss the temple!!!

Portuguese is coming along and by next week I will be in Cabo Verde!!! I am in shock!!! But really happy to get to the field!!!! Other then that my week was pretty much the same... Study study study!!! 

Love you,

Sister Burke 

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