Tuesday, March 3, 2015



First off I just want to say it snowed.... UGH!!! That means it is super cold here!!!!!!!!!!! This morning my companion and I went to the temple and as we walked out it was snowing. I am wearing super light weight clothing and my companions jacket. It was super cold! But very pretty to see. 

This past week has been the same with a few exceptions. One exceptions is our service. I do service projects twice a week here. Usually it is clean toilets, sinks, take out trash. You know normal things to clean were you are living. Well this week was super special. My companion and I vacuumed WALLS. Yup you read that right. We vacuumed the walls. Who does that? Really?! We vacuumed the walls for 75 minutes!! In that 75 minutes one of the breakers blow out so we lost power in a hall. opps. Then the extension cord prong got stuck in the outlet. opps. Super funny!!

One of the perks of being here 6 weeks is hosting. This past week my district got to host. I helped 2 new girls find there classrooms, bedrooms, and get their books. The cool part was I got to host a girl going to Brazil who is in my district. Tomorrow we get to host again but this time we get to direct traffic. We are a Traffic Host!! How cool is that?! 

Then my companion!! I love her! Every time I cry she tells me how beautiful my alligator tears are. She says I can convert the entire world with my alligator tears. It is great!! Surprisingly I don't cry as much as I thought I was going too. Blessings!! 

I hope all is well!! I love you all!! 


Sister Burke

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