Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cabo Verde say what?!?!

I am in Cabo Verde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place is so hard to describe!! Oh and please excuse my spelling and punctuation the keyboards are a little different then in America. My first Area is........ Achada Santo Antonio Praia!!!!!!!!!! My trainer is Sister Gates!! She is really nice and sweet!! She has been out 14 months and goes home in July. 

It is crazy!! I am really here!! 

Funny things that have happened. Kissing on the checks. Yup that is a real thing here!! First time was so awkward!! I had no idea what to do!! My comp laughed at me. Now it is just a normal hello and goodbye. Then people stared at me and I asked my comp why they were staring. She started laughing.... I am a white person. I stand out a ton. I forget my skin color is different until I see my hands and I am like ooohhhh yeah.... haha!! I just feel like one of the Cabo Verdians. I stand out a TON!!!! 

My area since I barely talked about it... So it is a brand new area and we are both new to the area that is called White Washing. So we have had a lot of work to do!! The area use to be one huge area that the assistants to the President (AP) had but they split it since there is a ton of work here to do. So that is fun!! I am also very blessed this transfer. I have hot water, AC, tons of stores, with tons of american items, members that want to work with us and very accepting people. I love it here!! I am also really surprise and most likely will change my mind later but it is the perfect temp here!! It gets cold at night and it isn't very humid. I am really surprised!!! When I landed I was freezing and the Mission prez said it is never like that!! I am very blessed!! This is real!! So crazy!!! More next week!! 

Also they only speak creole not Portuguese. So I have no idea what people are saying. That is a lot of fun!! I pretend I know then they pause and look at me like and?? Then I laugh and say I don't understand then they tell me again. Yup still don't understand. hahaha Lots of laughs!!! 


Sister Burke

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