Monday, June 13, 2016

7 weeks!!!

Story of the week…

I know we are protected by God. There is a part of our area which is scary at night, so we plan only to go there once or twice a week. We plan it well so we just go to the members and investigators houses then return to the save zones fast. Really, it is not that bad but everyone talks about how bad it is. This week we saw a cash/body or in other words 3 men robbed a family. Let me back up, we just finished a family night and were playing games, my companion had the thought just one more game. I thought, okay why not. We then left and were almost to the safe zone when we saw the 3 men run past us and rob a family about 30 feet away. When the men ran past us they were about 10 feet away. My companion and I stopped turned around and ran to a member’s house. If we did not play that one more game it would have been us. We then made it home safely. I know that God is protecting us. This just proves to me that this is the Church of God because He is watching over us. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Much love,

Sister Burke

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