Monday, June 27, 2016

5 WEEKS!!!

So last week I said nothing about my new companion. Sister Park is awesome! She has little over a year on the mission and is from Utah. She is almost exactly like my MTC companion Sister Capener. So that is so much fun, ending how I started. She is a hard worker, which is super nice! She is crazy, full of energy, all the time.

This week was crazy! I said goodbye to some great missionaries. It is weird, to think I am next. Then we welcomed in some newbies who have so much fire to work! Makes me want to take all this information and knowledge I have and start over on my mission.

This week we did not have a normal day teaching. We taught in a trio, a lot due to all the sisters coming and going.

Do not have a crazy story for the week, just found a TON of new people to teach. I hope that they will continue to progress. One thing I learned this week, if you look for families you will find families. We are pretty much only teaching families. I wish I would have known that at the begging of my mission so I would have found more families but it is never too late to start. Families are a lot of fun to teach, once you see that they understand that families can be together forever a new light comes into their eyes. Families are so important. The gospel is better learned in families and there is more joy in families. Families are forever! What a great thing to know!!

Love you all,

Sister Burke

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