Monday, April 20, 2015

Last week of Transfer 1!!

Yelp!! This is my last week of transfer 1!! Who know that would go by so fast!!!!!!!!!! 

My Portuguese has improved but I am no where near perfect. I can understand a lot (when they speak Portuguese that is) but I struggle to speak it back. I have gotten better but I am still working on it! 

This week was crazy!! The coolest thing I saw was the reason why we don't eat pork on the mission. I saw a pig get killed in the middle of the road. I saw from start to finish of how to kill a pig. I am in shock still. Only here do you see a pig die and no one is phased by it. I thought it was very entertaining to watch and sad at the same time. How they just do it in the middle of the dirty streets. Dogs licking the dead pig fly's everywhere. So gross but so normal here!
Also I saw the deadliest thing on this island. A centipede. I was at a members house and everyone freaked out and killed it before I could blink! It was about 3 inches long and so creepy! They are also really deadly. My comp has only seen 2 her whole mission so they aren't very common.
Then the green spiky fruit. Not sure if I talked about it last week. But I tried it and it is SOOOO GOOOOD!!! In Portuguese it is called a Pin-ha in creole it is called a Sape Sape. Either way YUM!!!!!!!!!!! My comp didn't like it as much but I loved it!!

As for the work here it is coming along slowly. I am helping more less actives then investigators. But either way we are all children of God and we all need help. I also got a feel for how much everyone looks up to missionaries. It is amazing that the Lord trust me enough here! I see the Lord's hand in the work and it is truly amazing!! I hope everyone has a great week!!
Sister Burke

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