Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday already??

Time goes by way fast!! I it seem like it was just Monday yesterday!!

Let me tell you about my area. We have two different parts to the area. We have nicer apartments where the people are less excepting of what we are teaching teaching. Then we have the average homes for Cabo Verde where the people are humble and willing to listen and learn our message. Really the differences between the two areas beside the people and their be open to our message is the floors and walls. The apartments are bigger, have painted walls, and tile floors. The more average homes are not painted and don't have tile floors. They are made of bricks or concrete. The floors are cement or dirt. They are smaller and the people don't have as much as the people that live in the apartments. I live in an apartment. I am very blessed.

The roads.. We have 4 paved roads. The rest are cobble stone or dirt with rocks. You have to pick up your feet or you trip. When I trip I laugh really hard!! Great times!!

In Portuguese you don't say the W, K, Y so when people see my name they struggle pouncing it. They call me Sister Burke (Like normal) or Sister BurkE (e accented) or Sister Brooke. I love hearing how they will pronounce my name!! SO much fun!!

The members want me to speak creole but I have no idea what the words are in Portuguese so we all just laugh. I am pretty sure they are laughing at me but I am laughing at me as well. I have learned to just laugh it off because one day I will be able to understand.

Imagine driving from Lehi to SLC. At the point of the Mountain you see the entire SLC valley. In March when the inversion sets in the air quality is nasty. Now imagine Africa. This past week the dirt from the Serra dessert was in the air. Everything was this rusty brown color. It was so gross but cool at the same time I can say I have breathed in the Serra dessert air. Ha Ha

Also I thought my hair was going to be super curly and cute because of all the humidity. Nope it is straight. Just like I straighten it when back home. What the!? I was really hoping for curly hair. I guess it just wants to be straight. Oh and the water makes it feel super stringy and nasty but it is too hot to have my hair down. So it is up all the time!!

General Conference!! I hoped you watched!!  Because that is all I did. I watched!! I have no idea what was said. It was all in Portuguese and I don't know enough Portuguese to understand. The music was in English so that was my favorite part!! I hope everyone felt the spirit and enjoyed what was taught.

This past week I also hit two months on the mission!!! Time flies by!!! I am so grateful to be here and to learn about my Savior and how I can help the people around me. I know God lives! I am living my dream!!

Hope this makes up for all the other smaller lame posts!!

Lots of love,

Sister Burke!!

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