Monday, April 27, 2015

Transfer 2!!!


I am staying in Praia!! Still in Achada Santo Antonio!! And yep still with Sister Gates!! Sister Gates and I assumed that would be the case so I can finish training but the next transfer will be interesting because that will be Sister Gates last transfer before she heads home so it could go any way!!

This week nothing cool happened...
In church a member was trying to teach my Creole... It didn't work. I have no idea what he was saying in Portuguese or Creole. So that was funny! Then at church we had 2 investigators come to church!! It was so exciting to see them progressing more in the gospel but what really was the miracle of this week was we found a family!! The family (well the grandma and 2 kids) are 1 of the investigators that came to church. The Lord is really preparing people. I hope they continue to progress and see the light of Christ.
Also this week I did divisions, that is when we have a Sister Training Leader be our comps for the day and one of us works in our area and one of us work in their area, usually the younger comp stays in the area and the older one leaves but since Sister Gates and I have had the same amount of time in our area. I got to leave. I spent a day in Tira Chapeau Praia. That was lots of fun and I learned more of Praia. Praia is really big but small at the same time compared to Utah County. 

Until next time!!
Love Sister Burke!!!

PS. So this week I received a package from my mom... It was full of Gravy Packets!! Normal kids ask for candy... Nope Gravy warms the soul!!! :)

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