Monday, May 18, 2015

10 Weeks!!

Yelp! I have 10 weeks here in Capo Verde and my comp only has 10 weeks left!! Crazy!! Time fly's by so fast!! 

I also hit my 100 days on a mission this past week!! 100 days!!!!!!!!!!!! What?! That is a long time but nothing at the same time!!

This past week has been really busy!! We have met tons of people and found lots of less actives! We have also been preparing one of our investigators for baptism! Hopefully she will get baptized this Saturday!! She is one of the cutest old ladies I have met!! And she is so happy for baptism!! She can't see and didn't have glasses so we were praying to find glasses for her and one day we showed up to her house and she found her mom's glasses. So she can read now! She is so happy that she can read! That was a huge miracle!!
This past week a less active also wanted to paint our nails so we let her and got to know her better! Hopefully we can build that trust and help her come back to church! Also my toes turned our really good!!!

Sunday we met the new Area President from Europe, Elder Kearon. Cabo Verde is part of the Europe Missions and it is the best Europe mission! He really helped each one of us get motivated and refocused! It was a great!! As we were closing the meeting he said okay I guess it is time to go catch your boats since you actually have to do that here! My mission is the best! Who has to catch boats and planes to get to their areas? We do! I just have to walk 30 minutes right now but one day I will have to take the boat or plane and that day will be so cool! Ha Ha Love my mission!! It is exactly were I need to be! I love it here!
Funny things that happen this week. In a lesson and the mom is holding her naked 3 month year old son and he decided to start peeing. Yup we got peed on. we all laughed! Then a drunk lady kissed my comps arm and asked for a picture of Jesus. So we gave her a pass along card and she starts kissing it. We then walked away. Also saw my second centipeade this week! other then that just excited for Saturday!! I will let you know if it all works out!!
Lots of love!!
Sister Burke

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