Monday, May 25, 2015



I had a baptism this week!!! It was a beautiful day! This lady is one of the funniest, sweetest old ladies I have met. She is only 57 but seems older. When we first started teaching her she didn't remember anything we told her. We got so frustrated and wanted to drop her but her cousin (who is in the ward and a huge help) told us that she as diabetes and CVA. Which affects her memory and mobility. So after learning that we started teaching her in simpler terms and she started to remember what we were teaching. We started to see the light in her eyes. We started to see miracles with her. She opened up to us and started treating us like her kids. She was so ready for baptism. The week before her baptism was hard. Satan tried to stop her. Putting thoughts into her head saying she can't walk and her head hurts. We continued to pray for her and just give her the love she needed. Also her daughter had all her documents which we needed for baptism and getting a hold of her daughter was one of the hardest things. However the Lord blessed us and we got all the documents needed. Saturday she entered the waters of Baptism fully aware of the choice she just made. She bore her testimony and it was beautiful! She said it was one of the happiest days of her life. She will continue to make a great member since she knows so many people. What a great day for her!!

Other things that happened this week...
Saw centipede #3. Saw my 3rd pig die in the street and saw two new born babies, kittens, and puppies!!! All were so cute!! If we could have pets I would take them all home!!

 Also today I got to go to the light house!! That was so much fun!!! It was really windy but going to the top of the light house was a really pretty view. That is the closest I will ever get to the ocean while being a missionary.

A great few days!!!

Love you all!!
Sister Burke!!

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