Monday, May 11, 2015

Slow boring week.

So first I want to start of by talking about Skype. Truly it is the most stressful thing ever. I would prefer to be the one at home every time. Finding a place here is so hard. We found this place that seemed perfect but when we showed up Sunday the internet was down. Then we found this really ghetto cyber cafe around the corner that worked just fine but it was so stressful!! 

It was really weird seeing my family it has only been 3 months and not much has changed. 

I haven't talked about the family that we found a few weeks ago. Well it  is complicated. The mom and her one daughter listen to every lesson and go to church along with the daughters son. They are golden. Only problem is the daughters boyfriend is in America and she doesn't know when he will return home. They need to get married before they are baptized. So we continue to teach them but no baptism day marked yet.
Then we have this other investigator. She is a cute older lady! She is an Aunt to a member in the ward. She has a baptism date marked for the 23rd of May. She knows it is true! She says one of the ways she knows it is true is because why would we leave our families to come to Cabo Verde if it wasn't true. She is so cute!! Why would I leave my family to come to Cabo Verde a place I had no idea existed, until I  got my call, if this gospel wasn't true? Any way this investigator comes to church  and knows her baptism date. The only problem she struggles reading. So we read with her a  lot. I I am pretty sure she will get baptized! She is the cutest older  lady ever!! Plus this doesn't sound super cool in English but in Portuguese it is funny to listen to... We are talking about Joseph Smith and she is like its true its true. Sounds better in Portuguese and in her tone of voice. Just imagine an old lady speaking. Super cute. I am a terrible ex plainer.
Lots of love!!
Sister Burke!!

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