Monday, July 13, 2015


Whelp... Summer is officially here. Kids are finally out of school which means people leave for other islands and we have no one to teach but the work goes on.

Last Monday I had the opportunity to go to Cidade Velha. Wow! I pictured a tourist town with lots to see. When in reality it was a town with people living there and working there. Yes there were the few historical buildings but overall it was just a normal town. A member showed us around we walked and walked and walked. To get to the lookout area where the cannons are was a very long walk. But not only that, it was super humid and super-hot!! Oh boy!!

It was amazing hearing the history of this wonderful country. It was also really pretty for Cabo Verde, lots of green trees and of course the beautiful ocean.

Also we saw a Cathedral that was destroyed. It was huge!! I can just picture it all built and I think it would be the biggest building here. When we had finished our site seeing we sat down and ate some eel, I ATE EEL!!! It was really good. Don’t know how to describe it. Then we came home. That little trip felt like a vacation and that I wasn’t a missionary.

Later this week we were doing contacts and we contacted this man. It was my turn so I was talking about Joseph Smith and showed a picture of Joseph. The man stopped me and asked who that was, even though I was telling him. He recognized Joseph Smith but has never heard his name or seen the picture. Missionary work isn’t about teaching people new things. It is about recalling information people already know. Everyone on this earth already knows Gods plan we just have all forgotten it. Missionaries are here to help recall the information everyone has forgotten. It was amazing to see him realize he knew this man but not physically remembering him. God works in mysterious ways. I love missionary work.

Sister Burke

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