Monday, July 6, 2015

July whoa!!!

This week was my recent converts Birthday. So we went over to say hi to her. As we turned the corner we saw her dumping out water from washing her clothes. We quickly grabbed a chair from her house and told her to sit and relax, it is her birthday!! She got mad but we told her to relax. We then started dumping the water out into the street. She jumps up and tells us no!! She told us no because we were dressed nice... Just because we are in a skirt doesn't mean we can't help. So we tell her it is okay and she sits back down. People here work so hard!! I also got really good at dumping out water in the street. It's lots of fun!!

Then the 4th of July. We made really gross hamburgers and chips with Coke to drink. The chips and coke were good, not so much the hamburger. Not like back home anyway. Other than that we worked hard! Then the 5th of July was Cabo Verdes independence day. We made rice and beans. No one really celebrates here. At midnight for 10 minutes there were fireworks. I woke up because they were so loud!! My comp didn't even wake up.I have no idea how she was able to sleep and not wake up!!

We taught English class again this week. It was better. We went through the ABC and found words that sounded like the letters. We did this all on the spot, which was bad. For B we did bubbles and O, object because we couldn't think of any other words. I am slowly forgetting English. Never thought I would see the day!!

Oh one last thing!! I hit my 5 months this past week!! Whoa!!! Seriously!?!? 5 months?!?!?!?!?! Doesn't feel like it!!! Time is going to fast!!!!!

Hope you all have a good week!!

Sister Burke

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