Monday, June 29, 2015

The End of June?

This week I met a Russian!! What?! I thought that was the coolest thing!!

We also have this lady who is silly! Every time she sees us she asks for a picture of Jesus. The first time we gave one to her and she then kissed it. The next day she asks for another one and we give her one. Once again she kisses it. She is silly. We started saying no because she has about 20 of them now. This past Sunday she asked for another one and we didn't have any of them on us but we did have a card so we gave that to her instead. She then kissed that card. That card does not have a pic of Jesus on it, it has pictures of Mormons. She is silly!

This week we also started teaching English class. To start the class we said a prayer in English. I gave it. I had no idea what to say and it sounded so funny to me!! I am not use to hearing prayers in English at the moment. We then had no idea how to teach English to people that didn’t know English. It was a very funny hour.

I am excited for this week…

We started teaching this lady that we had contacted a few weeks earlier but she never had time to listen. Then a random thing happened and one day we asked if she had time and she said yes. She has talked to missionaries in the past but never progressed. She has been married for 35 years, which is a miracle by in itself. No one gets married here because it cost too much for one reason. We then asked them to come to church with us. She says yes but her husband says no, he has something else he needs to do. We say okay and tell them the member they know will be there to pick her up. So church, Sunday we are waiting to see her. The member shows up and says she had pain in her back. We were really sad. (PS we have Relief Society and Sunday school first) Then we walk into the sacrament meeting and there she is sitting!! But not only her, her husband too!! What?! They came!!! They liked it too!!! Amazing!!

Yelp!! It was a good fast week!! Today we hiked Mount Vermelho. It was lots of fun!! We did it as a district. Really pretty from the top!!

 Until next week!!
Sister Burke

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