Monday, June 22, 2015

Last week of June, Seriously?!?!

Annoying moment of the week....

So every time you shower here you lose all your hair… Or it feels like it just because the water is terrible. So it isn't bad enough that you lose all your hair every time you wash your hair and then you go to church and every little kid thinks they can take one little strand of hair off your head. They think you can’t feel it but it hurts so badly!! So do you turn around and tell them no or just pretend you don't feel it? I am pretty sure I lost over 100 pieces of hair between my shower and all the little kids taking a piece.

Amazing moment of the week…

Last transfer I contacted this French lady.  She seemed golden. She had a Book of Mormon and went to church already!! We called her once but she didn't have time and then we forgot about her. This past week we had nothing to do so we were knocking on doors (well buzzing buzzers since everyone has gates). We came to this house that had 3 buzzers; I wanted to buzz all three. Well I only got to do 2 because the lady I contacted over a month ago answered and remembered me! How crazy is that? We contacted her on the street then knocked on her door about a month later!! We are now teaching her. Truly a miracle right there! But what is even cooler about her is she is from France!! She has a French Book of Mormon and says her prayers in French. I really wish I remembered French.  I only took for 4 years; yet remember nothing!! Ha-Ha

Funny moment of the week…

We were walking to a member’s home to mark a day for them to come out teaching with us. As we walked up to the door we see the member in the corner of her house screaming. We walk into find out she had rats in her kitchen and she really as a fear rats!! We laughed so hard because they were just baby rats. The mom is no were to be found. So her son is teasing her with them. We can’t help but laugh at her fear.

Good week lots of good moments!

A mission is more than just a check box of saying I served a mission. It is truly having an understanding of your savior and what the gospel has to give. I have only been here for 4 months and it has blessed my life so much. I am so excited to see what the next year and 2 months has in store!!

Lots of love,
Sister Burke

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