Monday, January 11, 2016

One of the best weeks so far...

This week was honestly one of the best weeks so far. I worked so hard to try and accomplish all the goals I had set. I did not accomplish all of them but I worked hard. Saturday there were lots of parties going on which is normal here. We still managed to meet our goals. Then the next day the Zone leaders asked us how we did that. We had the best day out of the entire zone. That made us feel so great, we were led by the spirit of who we needed to teach... D&C 42:8 :)

Then funny thing... so for anyone that knows my family... My mom thinks there are elephants here in Cape Verde. This past week I found a scripture about elephants... Ether 9:19. Elephants are everywhere. It is true! Ha-ha I thought that was funny.

Not many other interesting things happened this week. Everything was normal, taught a ton of people who seemed to accept our message. 4 investigators came to church which is great! Tomorrow I should receive my new companion.

Lots of love,

Sister Burke

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