Monday, January 25, 2016

What a week!

This week was crazy!! Started out with me taking the wrong bus, then leaving my Credit Card at the ATM and of course no water... No worries got my card back and we got water (for the moment). After all the stress, I got an Ice Cream.

 This week we also had divisions! I was in my area with Sister Ferreira, my old companion! It was crazy we caught up on all the good stuff. Then we worked hard! It was a normal division.

We then had a special missionary conference with all missionaries in the world. Whelp in our part of Africa the internet decided to not work, so we sat doing nothing for 2 hours hoping to see it. We saw about 10 mins. Today, we finally got to watch it. WOW!! This is the work of the Lord and I am so happy to be a part of it right now. First time in over 10 years since having a conference like that and I was a part of it!

It is interesting to see investigators realizing the hand of the Lord. Last week we had a lesson with a Lady. It was my companions turn to knock on the door (remember she is new, this was her first door) I did not say anything and my companion froze. The lady was like are you going to enter or just stand there... We then entered and started teaching about Joseph Smith. Her 4 year old son then locked himself in the bathroom. She was very worried about that since all her cleaning materials are inside that room. Here most doors have glass windows on them. She broke the window to unlock the door. Turns out her son was just using the bathroom like he had said. Then this week we visited her again. She then told us it was like someone was trying to stop her from listening to us. We then testified that is Satan and good things are about to come from our visits. I love when people recognize things like that!!

While doing service found a Utah Sweater in the Lady’s clothes. That was really rare! Thought it was funny. Lady did not find it as cool as me, just clothes to her.  Hope everyone has a good week!


Sister Burke

P.S. I found Rua 10!! Ha-ha

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