Monday, February 1, 2016

6 months left!

What is this!?!? This week will be the fastest week of my mission! Two major holidays this week... My birthday and my one year mark! WHAT!?!? 6 months left! The time will go by so fast!!

This past week I gave my first talk in Portuguese! It went well. I talked about fasting and its importance. I was nervous at first but after getting to the stand all the nerves went away. I realized, I personally knew everyone in that room and that helped me feel very comfortable. After church we went to our bishop’s house for lunch. That was a lot of fun! We got to know him better. Lunch was great! Chicken, Couscous and ICE CREAM!! Yes!!! Afterwards we helped clean up.

This week went by fast, we are working hard but we are having fun. Really this gospel has a plan called the plan of happiness... In this life if we are not happy we must change. We must pray to figure out what is stopping us from being happy because Satan has a plan too. In order to be happy we must put God first and obey all his commandments. That is truly the only way to get everlasting happiness. I have never been so happy. Yes, I am so tired but I have joy that is the true measurement of a successful life. I hope everyone this week can have a week full of happiness.

Thank you for all your prayers!


Sister Burke

P.S. 6 months to Sexy starts this week!!! Ha-ha

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