Monday, February 8, 2016

1 year!!! 6 months to go!!!

This week…  What a week!! I am so sick of the junk food I ate for my birthday!!

I made a cake, which was really good!!

Then my companion made fish and rice! OH SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not tell anyone it was my birthday day. Only a few people knew. Sister Mathews then called me and wished me a happy birthday. It was really nice. It was a great hot day. I am now 22. What is this?!

Then for my one year, I made cake again.

I also tried to take a picture like I did in the MTC. I see a huge difference in one year! Time has gone by so fast!! Really, I do not know what to think. I only have 6 months left. Time will go by so fast. I love these people so much! I know that my life will never be the same.



This Tuesday is Carnival. For the past month it has been one huge party on the street to prepare for Tuesday’s Carnival. Really, I told my companion it looks like Halloween in America. I had no idea Halloween was in February.

This week I also had my 10th baptism, a little girl who gives the sweetest prayers. One day she will make a great missionary. She was prepared by the lord. I love her so much!

This week went by so fast! Thank you for all the Love and support!


Sister Burke

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