Monday, February 29, 2016


Lucky me!! I have one extra day as a missionary!!!!!!! Leap year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story of the week:

Since January, we have been working with an investigator to stop smoking. His best friend is a member and works with him, which is a HUGE help. Also found out his entire family are members as well. It has been a struggle to stop smoking but really what habit is easy to quit? Friday we had an amazing lesson with him. We talked about the atonement of Christ and how he can stop this addiction using the atonement of Christ. The next day we met with him again. He first told us a story of how he saw the harmful effects of smoking. Earlier that day he went to work and found another coworker of his almost dead due to the side effects of smoking. He then told us he will not smoke anymore. He wants a healthy body. He has a strong testimony. He has read in the book of Mormon all the way to Jacob. He has come to church for almost 3 months straight now. He is amazing. One thing I find very interesting is when he smokes he is sad and unhappy but when he does not smoke he is happy and has all this energy. It is like night and day. Truly smoking is a thing of Satan. Following God truly brings joy and happiness. He is living proof of that. I have never seen the happiness this gospel brings until I saw him at church yesterday. He had the biggest smile on his face. Living the gospel brings true happiness!! The atonement of Christ is real. Jesus Christ really did suffer for all of our sins and heartaches. I love this gospel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Sister Burke

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