Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transfer 9!!!!!!!!!!!

I am staying in Monte Sossego with Sister Miranda!!


Story of this week...

This last week we knocked on doors of a ward members. There was a sister who just moved into our area. She let us in but said her brother has tried everything to get her to go to church and be baptized. We told her no worries maybe this time will be different. We then taught her the lesson and she seemed not very interested but promised to pray. We marked another day with her. The next visit she was sick and so we marked another day. Then the next visit, after almost a week from our first visit, we met with her again. She then told us she had not prayed. We started teaching the plan  of salvation and focused on how her family could be together forever! We then asked inspired questions and by the end she opened up to us. She told us her brother was pushy and never told her why it was important. We explained it so clearly. Then she accepted baptism!!! And her husband wants to sit with us as well now, just he works until 8 at night so we planned a night to visit this week. She and her kids came to church this week! I am so excited to see them progress!

Also This week we were working with a member who served in this area as well years ago. He told us when he would knock on doors he had to stay these weird things. So then the next day I decided to try it. I knocked the door and this is what happened,

"Good afternoon, You look different..." (persons reaction, I tried not to laugh). Then continued talking about how we lived with God before this life and we can live with him after this life too. I tried this two times and each time worked. They let us in! It was really funny!!

Have a great week!

Sister Burke

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