Monday, January 18, 2016

Welcome SUMMER!!!!

Where did this heat come from?! It is only going to get worst too... So all you in Utah with snow be jealous!! Ha-ha. No but really it is hot!

Then one day we had crazy looking clouds but it never rained!! I wish it would have rained.

 Our house once again does not have water... Today is day 10 without water. This is life now totally use to it. Sad part, my new companion arrived Tuesday and without water. 2 days on the mission and does not have water. What a terrible start!!

I AM A MOM!!! Here on the mission when we get to train our new person it’s called our child. She is great! Her name is Sister Miranda. She is from Fogo. Her mission is Piracicaba, Brazil. She is waiting for her Visa; while she waits I am training her. She is a recent convert of one year and 7 months. Her knowledge of this gospel is great. It is interesting to hear her teach because it is very simple. I remember those days.

This week at church we had a new member who moved into our ward. Another ward member leaned over to me and said ‘oh, she lives on "Rua 10" (street 10)’ which is the street name. Therefor assuming he knows her and her house I invited her to our family night today. I then told the other member to get her and bring her to the family night. He then tells me ‘oh, I do not know where she lives!’ WHAT!? I then asked where Rua 10 is... He said "Oh, sister I do not know but she lives there." WHAT!? I was laughing so hard. He then said he would figure it out and bring her to Family night. I love the people here. They always keep me laughing.

I hope everyone has a great week! Lots of love!

Sister Burke!!

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