Monday, April 11, 2016

A year Later

Since I have been called as a STL, I get to go on divisions with the other sisters in my zone. This week I got to go back to, Achada Santo Antonio, MY FIRST AREA!!!!

While there I visited with my favorite members and only one of my recent converts. However, as I walked the streets there people stopped me, I had no idea they would remember me. I felt so loved and did not realize how much of an impacted I made there until one year later going bank and seeing all these people again. As I was visiting my recent convert I asked if she remembered me her response was so cute, “OF COURSE!! WHY would I not forget you!?” It warmed my heart. I love her! I love that area. While walking I saw some many changes in the environment and people. Everyone grew up. It was so crazy!

This week I ate mashed squash with flour in milk. Here that is called Papa De Aobora. Which papa of anything is super popular, it was actually really good. Then the classic Catchupa!! Praia always get fed here but you turn down so many people.

We went to teach a lesson. We walked in and saw alcohol on the floor and the smell of cigarettes. So, I asked what is that drink on the floor. As they move it behind the couch they tell us it is just juice. That was so funny. “It is just juice sisters do not worry.” We then could smell they were so drunk. We shared a scripture and left. That is life here in Tira Chapeu, always drunk men.


Sister Burke

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