Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 1 in Tira Chapeu

Whelp, this week was crazy!!!!!!!!!!! Being a Sister Trainer leader (STL) in Praia means you have to wake up when all the new missionaries come and when the old missionaries leave. Let’s just say it is either midnight or 4 am, for 3 days... So tired!!! But it was fun.

Tuesday we had a leadership council meeting. It was amazing! We received training that blew my mind. Funny thing too, all the STL are pretty much the entire group of sister’s I came with, so it was super fun seeing old faces. Then, Thursday I gave my first training! It went really well! Messed up a ton in Portuguese at first but really it was fine in the end.

Funny thing, so this is my first American comp in a long time. We were cooking together and she told me to make the rice. WELL, I started making the rice like I was taught from my African comps. I start cutting onion; she then asks what it is for. Apparently when Americans make rice it is JUST water and rice... BORING!! Africans make great tasting rice!! It was funny because I live in the same house as one of my old comps Sister Zhuwaki, I called her over and we started debating which rice flavors taste better. It was so funny! It was really fun to see the difference in cultures. My American comp told me I cook like an African. It was the funniest thing ever.

Saturday was conference. WOW!!! My last one on the mission!! I felt like there was a theme of families and service. Also I totally understood everything that was said in conference. Wow, a year ago nothing, now everything! I loved a lot of the talks that were given. It is hard to choose a favorite!

Today, I hit 14 months! Only have 4 months left and then I return home. I am getting old on the mission. Never thought that day was going to come. I really do not feel like I am going home so soon; Denial.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Sister Burke

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