Monday, April 25, 2016

100ish days left...

WOW!! Time is flying by!!! This week I will only have 100 days left! Woah! Where has time gone?

This week I saw a huge change in me. I realized I am a different person. How I see the world and the people around me has changed. I did not realize that for a long time but this past week I saw a glimpse of my old self and who have become today. All I can say is wow! This gospel truly makes us better people. If we want to change behavior we just need to live by Christ’s example and standards and he will change us for the better.

The past 4 weeks, I have been going on divisions with a bunch of sisters. It has been so much fun getting to know more of the other sisters that are serving here with me. I have learned a ton; we are not only that we teach in their areas but learning a lot from them and with them. This week after divisions I was walking home and an investigator recognized me, just from the division. WOW! You do not realize the impact one day, 45 minutes makes on one person. It warmed my heart to see her call me out and see how I was. I love these people!

Thank you for all the support. I love you all!!
Sister Burke

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