Tuesday, May 17, 2016

11 Weeks to GO!!

What a week! The Longest week of my life!!! Really, the days were long and the week was short.

SO, this week was just full of problems...

First problem...
At midnight the CO detector goes off. My companion just rolls over. I freak out. All I was thinking was that we could die! I opened all the doors and windows but it was still going off. I asked my companion what we should do, she had no idea. So I called our Mission President. He told me to turn off the gas, then to put a towel on it. It still was going off. Which means it was broken. So I wrapped it in a few towels and put it in the washing machine. Then I could not sleep for a good hour still scared I was going to die. Finally exhausted I fell asleep.

Problem number two...
Saturday, after a long day of teaching we came home to find out our key would not turn in our door to get into our house... We called a ton of people, no one had answers. Finally a senior couple called a repair man. It was about 11pm so he was going to fix it the next morning. So we went and slept at another sisters house. We slept on the couches. They were not the nicest things to sleep on but hey they worked. The next morning hoping to get some clean clothes and take nice shower before stake conference, with a 70 (Elder Boom), we learned that the store was closed on Sundays so we had to stay at the sisters house until Monday (today)... UGH!! Dirty clothes.. Went to the conference in my Chacos!!! Felt so silly. Same clothes for a few days, why not? Finally got into our house today...

Spiritual thought from Elder Boom. It is a privilege to go to church. Christ gave his life for us. God can take away our life in a instant. It is a privilege to be here. Make every second count. Live by example, have fun, work hard! Does not matter if you have the nicest house or a lot of money. All that matters is if you are spiritually rich. I know that true happiness only comes from the gospel. Life is to short to be sad make the most of the time we got.

I hope this week goes better and problem free! Other then the problems I worked hard and had fun! Saw some great missionaries leave the mission field and welcomed in 3 new sisters. Time goes by so fast!!

Love you all!!
Sister Burke

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