Tuesday, May 31, 2016

9 Weeks!!!

This week was hard. We kept finding new people to teach, they seemed great but then we can never find them again. Then all our other investigators won't come to church for so many reasons. Had some great lessons but really this work is all about finding people. Once you find people to teach the work to them. 

I had a division's this week with Sister Lee. She is amazing. She was also a BYU cheerleader. That was really fun learning about BYU cheer leading and her life. She is a great person and so much fun to get to know. 

Gave my second talk in church this past Sunday. I spoke to much, they gave me a paper saying time is up, Oops. Hope it was well. All the missionaries in our ward got to  speak yesterday to get the ward excited to work with us. 

Lots of love,

Sister Burke 

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