Monday, July 18, 2016

2 Weeks!!!

This week had a new experience, I never thought I was going to have on the mission. A few days without power. So we lost power Wednesday morning and as we left to teach that day we realized it was just our apartment. Therefore we called the secretaries to see what the problem was. They had forgotten to pay the May’s bill. They paid for April and June but forgot May. They then worked endlessly to get it back on. Thursday all the food in our fridge went bad. We were eating it all just to get our money’s worth. Friday still had the a little food there and finished it off. Finally, Friday night, after a long two days our power comes back on. But the miracle in this is that we decided not to by chicken or meat this week just tuna, beans and eggs. That was a huge miracle. But we got power and lived off tuna for a few days.

Today, we went to Cidade Velha for our activity. There I took the death photo of my mission.

My district is shipping me off to sea. It still does not feel real but time is counting down somedays faster than I would like. It is so crazy! But a lot can happen in two weeks!!!


Sister Burke

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